The Government of Kenya will forge ahead with sugar importation as local output drops by 51%. According to the Sugar directorate the move has been approved by Government in efforts to stabilise prices and protect the market against future sugar shortage.


Last week, Kenya Sugar Board reports showed that closing stocks from local sugar mills were 6,613 metric tonnes to accommodate a three day consumption while domestic consumption stood at an estimate of 2,000 metric tonnes per day.

Currently, Mumias Sugar Company (MSC), West Kenya, Kibos and Soin sugar firms have been closed for maintenance leading to decline in production. The remaining seven operational factories are Chemelil, Sony Sugar, Nzoia Sugar, Butali, Transmara, Sukari and Muhoroni Sugar have on average not exceeded 1,500 tonnes daily in the last two weeks.

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NB Kenya has 50 importers of table sugar and 37 for refined sugar licensed and registered through an open process, but only 10 are cleared to import sugar.

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