The government is implementing an ambitious project that will see it expand broadband coverage across the country. ICT Secretary Katherine Getao said the project is expected to be completed by the end of this year. It will cover all the 47 Counties.

Speaking at the 4th Annual SME Conference at Strathmore University on Thursday, Dr Getao assured participants that the government will promote the growth of a smart society and a smart economy through support to SMEs.

She was representing the ICT Cabinet Secretary Mr Joe Mucheru.  Dr Getao encouraged entrepreneurs to take full advantage of the opportunity to integrate ICT in their businesses.

She said the government is working hard to put in place a supportive ICT policy framework that will stimulate growth in all sectors of the economy. “I encourage participants to maximise on potentialities of SMEs to spur the growth of the economy,” she said.

The two-day Strathmore Enterprise Development Centre (SEDC) is an initiative of Strathmore University, whose primary objective is to help SME business owners develop their competencies to manage productivity and growth.

The centre has worked with the industry to develop tailor-made training curriculum that meets current needs and challenges of SMEs.

The event aims at creating awareness and sensitising SMEs about innovative strategies for sustainable development and linking it with ICT, creating some sort of ‘internet of doing things’.

Some of the lessons learnt from the conference are that an entrepreneur needs a clear vision and view of where they want to take the vision with well articulated goals to succeed.

“An entrepreneur must develop good working practice with his/her employees and be vision carriers of the business. Entrepreneurs must be good managers of financial systems and always work productively through proper focus and motivation of workers by seeking strategic alliances that will promote their businesses,” the participants were told. (By Carolyn Sakwa)


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