Strathmore University plans to invest in the installation of the photovoltaic solar plan in Kenya after SUNREF East Africa offered to give funding and technical assistance to the project. The company was mobilized earlier on to help identify the right partner for the project design and implementation, and then went on validating the final design for the benefit of both the University and the partner bank.

To reduce its fossil energy consumption and to cut down on energy costs, Strathmore Energy Research Centre (SERC) installed a 0.6 MW rooftop solar photovoltaic plant to cater for energy needs in implementing the project. Strathmore installed a fixed angle roof top solar photovoltaic system to reduce over reliance on diesel plants that are deemed expensive and environmentally unfriendly.

Completed in 2015, the project was a success as it now saves the private institution 51% on the energy bill and generates 31% of energy needs.

“Today, more than two years since commissioning we have received so many visitors who are ready to take up this bright journey and help reduce carbon emission and the consequent global warming. This is certainly a successful story and a great model for many in this region,” Prof. Izael Da Silva – DVC Research Strathmore University.

Being the first university to go green in Kenya, it signed the first solar photovoltaic Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Kenya Power to export its excess energy to the grid, thus encouraging many project developers of solar projects to follow its example.

Source: Strathmore University


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