The National Police Service(NPS) will soon finalise the installation of a total of 1,800 surveillance cameras in Nairobi and Mombasa to help in the fight against crime. Consequently, 210 police officers have been selected to undergo an intensive training to manage the Nairobi command and control centre. Already, the first batch of 94 police officers have started the training, which will last three weeks and give way to the next.


The director in charge of the centre, Mr Francis Gachina, said Nairobi will be under the surveillance of 1,500 cameras while Mombasa will have 300. He said before the end of this month, over 600 surveillance cameras will have been installed at strategic points in the city ready for official launch.

Mr Gachina explained that to make Nairobi city secure and safer, 230 motor vehicle number plate recognition cameras will be mounted at strategic areas in Nairobi county to capture number plates of stolen or carjacked vehicles together with those involved in traffic offences . “If such suspected vehicles pass through those areas, an alarm will sound at the command and control center for easy recovery or tracing”, he said.

He further explained that the NPS will work efficiently and effectively besides responding urgently to any distress call in the area as most of the streets in the city will be under 24 hr surveillance.

The command and control centre will be linked to radios which will be operated by officers stationed at various places within the county to urgently respond to any emergency as soon as it is detected.

He said to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the radio system, 115 base stations (radio bases) have already been installed ready for the service. “No more sending of officers blindly to the scenes of incidents as specific locations will be identified using the GPS,” Mr Gachina clarified.

Other surveillance cameras like those installed by the Nairobi Metropolis will be linked to the centre for a coordinated surveillance of the city and its environs before the programmes is rolled out to Mombasa and other major cities in the country.

Meanwhile, the NPS emergence call numbers of 999,112 and 911 at the command and control centre will continue to operate 24 hours alongside the surveillance cameras.


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