Tecno wants to set up assembly plants in Kenya and Nigeria to add to their Ethiopian plants that have been putting together handsets since 2012. “We see the tremendous opportunity for education tenders in the African market including Kenya where there is the one child one laptop programme by the government,” said Steven Huang, general manager tablet business unit for Tecno.


This was during the official launch of the the WindPad 2-in-1 on 24th June in Nairobi, a 10.1-inch Hybrid Tablet running Windows 8.1. The Tecno WinPad 2-in-1 marks the entry of the Smartphone vendor into the PC scene. The WindPad 2-in-1 is a hybrid tablet that you can turn into a Laptop through a detachable Bluetooth keyboard. The device is a collaboration of the IT giants Microsoft and Intel, who are also slated to collaborate with a local University on the supply of the education tablets.

They are counting on government support including possible tax incentives and training of an adequate labour force to work at the plant.

The company intends to take advantage of the government tenders and increased budgetary allocation to ICT and education



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