Computers are the most common thing you are likely to notice in most office working places after a phone. Where there’s a computer, there is likelihood of a printer which definitely uses paper. It is just impossible to avoid papers!!Well, if we can’t avoid them, then is there a way of controlling the use of them?

Good thing is, technology is not only working to improvise new things but also to improve the world we living in, achieving a green-world for this case…

Inventors have come up with eco-friendly printers that seek to promote a green world. Most of the printers around use negatively charged rollers that generate harmful ozone gases that can impair lung function. Besides that, most of the paper printed ends up being dumped somewhere adding to pollution to the environment. Inasmuch as the computers have reduced the need for paper, most of the office work cannot run without printing and so fully phasing out printing cannot be an option. Printing can however controlled to stop its pollution of the environment.

Think of a printer that uses no ink, allows for recycling of paper or better still, requires no electric energy to print. The best product any manufacturer can produce for a market today is one that is not only friendly to the users but to the environment as well. Ability to save energy or say use cheaper energy will be another added advantage.


The Tanning Printer is one of the innovations of the “eco-printers” as they are called. It does not run on ink cartridges or electricity, instead, it harnesses the power of the sun to ‘tan’ paper to create images and content. It uses the principle of saving energy through refracting light.


Solar energy is converted into electricity to operate the equipment as well as also tan the paper in order to create a printed document. As you feed the tanning paper into the printer, the paper warms up at the same time and prepares to enter the printing stage. The printer has a header gadget on top of it which helps in the refraction of the light. It moves left and right in a reciprocation motion tanning the paper.

Although this concept printer can only print in black and white, the designers of the printer think this would not be a problem as 70 percent of documents printed out daily are not in full color.

Other eco-printers include; the green printer, new eco-printer and the pencil printer.

The green printers use green inks that are made of vegetable based inks such as soy which is bio-degradable. The new eco-printer uses photographic ink which allows a paper printed with this ink to be erased and reused.Pencil printer uses slate pencils for printing. The print can be erased so that the paper can be used again.

These printers are cartridge free, leaving only the empty tones container and residue bottle for disposal. The residue bottle can is made of plastic thus it can be recycled.


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