The Engineer’s Act was passed into law in 2011 giving rise to the Board, The Engineers Board of Kenya with a new face and strength to further its duties. The Board has been given the responsibility of regulating the activities and conduct of Practicing Engineers in the Republic of Kenya in accordance with the functions and powers conferred upon it by the Act.


Under Part IV of the Engineers Act, a person shall not engage in the practice of engineering unless that person has been issued with a license and has complied with the requirements of the Act. Registration with the Board is thus a license to practice engineering in Kenya.
EBK is a transformation of Engineers Registration Board {ERB} which was a statutory body established through an Act of Parliament in 1969. Their offices are at Transcom House Annex, 1st Floor, Ngong Rd.

EBK’s Functions & Powers are to:
    Receive, consider, make decisions on applications for registration and register approved applications
    Keep and maintain the Register
    Publish the names of registered and licensed persons under the Engineers Act
    Issue licenses to qualified persons under the provisions of the Engineers Act
    Publish and disseminate materials relating to its work and activities
    Carry out inquiries on matters pertaining to registration of engineers and practice of engineering
    Enter and inspect sites where construction, installation, erection, alteration, renovation, maintenance, processing or manufacturing works are in progress for the purpose of verifying that:
        Professional engineering services and works are undertaken by registered persons under the Engineers Act
        Standards and professional ethics and relevant health and safety aspects are observed
    Assess, approve or reject engineering qualifications of foreign persons intending to offer professional engineering services or works
    Evaluate other engineering programmes both local and foreign for recognition by the Board
    Enter and inspect business premises for verification purposes or for monitoring professional engineering works services and goods rendered by professional engineers
    Recommend for the suspension of any professional engineering services works, projects, installation process or any other engineering works, which are done without meeting the set out standards
    Approve and accredit engineering programs in public and private universities and other tertiary level educational institutions offering education in engineering for the purposes of registration of graduate engineers
    Set standards for engineers in management, marketing, professional ethics, environmental issues, safety, legal matters or any other relevant field
    Conduct professional examinations for the purposes of registration
    Establish a school of engineering and provide facilities and opportunities for learning, professional exposure and skills acquisition, and cause continuing professional development programs for engineers to be held
    Plan, arrange, co-ordinate and oversee professional training and facilitate internship of graduate engineers
    Collaborate with engineering training institutions, professional associations, engineering organizations and other relevant bodies in matters relating to training and professional development of engineers
    Determine the fees to be charged by professional engineers and firms for professional engineering services rendered from time to time
    Hear and determine disputes relating to professional conduct or ethics of engineers
    Issue, maintain and enforce the code of ethics for the engineers and regulate the conduct and ethics of engineering profession in general
    Determine disciplines of engineering under the Engineers Act
    Carry out such other functions related to the implementation of the Engineers Act.

For one to be registered in the various categories of registration, one needs to fill one of the following forms that are relevant to them. One must have gone through an EBK certified program to qualify for registration. Cash payment is no longer accepted at the EBK offices. This was affected from 1st November, 2013. The following forms are available at the EBK website {}  and at their offices.

    FORM R.B 12 – Form of application for registration as an Engineering Consulting Firm
    FORM R.B 11 – Form of application for registration as a Consulting Engineer
    FORM R.B 3 – Form of application for registration as a Professional Engineer
    FORM R.B 3 (T) – Form of application for registration as a Temporary Registered Engineer
    FORM RB 5(A) – Form of application for registration as a Graduate Engineer

It is however worth observing that EBK has left a lot to be desired when compared to other bodies like Kenya medical practitioners and dentist board. The board needs to work on its public relations and visibility too.

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