With the African continent facing many challenges, one fundamental issue is energy — and according to the World Bank Energy Unit, Africa is at the point of an energy crisis.

A recent study conducted by the World Bank Energy Unit, shows that half of sub-Saharan Africa will be without power by 2030 — this daunting prediction further explains that “unless commitments are made” Africa will suffer.

Taking heed of this study as well as much other well-reputed estimation with regard to energy and Africa, the Africa Electricity 2013 Exhibition was held from 9—11 October.

This event, held at the Sandton Convention Centre, facilitated companies across Africa to showcase energy-saving products in a bid to save Africa from total energy bankruptcy — and one company, highlighted for its commitment to innovation and good energy practice, was a local exhibitor, Voltex.

“The display that grabbed the most interest,” says Hugh Ward, Voltex Group Commercial Manager “was the live display of the energy used from an incandescent light bulb, compared to an energy-saving lamp.”

The event, raising much-needed awareness around this issue, also touched on points to educate the many attendees about the necessity of distribution of LED lighting and new, renewable energy products.

Voltex again showed authority on this in its wide-spread distribution network as well as through its supply divisions of Cabstrut, Waco, Voltex LSis and Voltex Lighting, in which products such as the new, mercury-free LED light bulb, are ready to bring hope — and light — to Africa.

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