With the laptop project still on the rocks, a team of two has come up with a way of providing computer experience to students with broken or old computers!!Yes, there is hope for that old and broken computer in your house.

Nissan Bahar and Franky Imbesi with the aim of combating the lack of access to computers have come up with what amounts to an operating-system-on-a-stick dubbed, “Keepod”.

The operating system which is in a flash drive allows old, discarded and potentially non-functional PCs to be revived. So long as the computer is with a screen, keyboard and basic processor, it should play a perfect host as each Keepod stick comes with a unique desktop version of Google’s Android 4.4 operating system on board.

This Keepod also avoids the problem experienced by some other recycled PC schemes that result in machines becoming “clogged up” and running at a snail’s pace after multiple users have saved different things to a single hard drive.

The project has been first tried in schools in the slums in Kenya and has been found successful. The students were each given a Keepod flash drive for their use. Each Keepod remembers its owner’s settings, passwords and websites visited. It stores any files or programs downloaded on the other half of its 8GB storage capacity. The information can be encrypted and is protected by a password needed for operation when it’s plugged in.

This is considered a better alternative to computer donations that would else be expensive and a few computers would get delivered.




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