Atlas Copco held a customer day event on February 23, 2017 to showcase their latest products in the market. The theme of the event ‘Future is Here’ aimed at informing customers on the significance of using generators and compressors to save on cost and energy.

Atlas Copco offers products for customers in manufacturing, industrial, construction and mining business. Some of the products include Industrial compressors, Portable Compressors, Generators, Surface Mining Equipment, Underground Mining Equipment, Rock Drilling Tools, Water Well Drilling Equipment and Geotechnical Drilling Equipment.

Stephen Nyongesa, Sales Engineer-Compressor Technique at Atlas Copco gave a presentation on compressors. He said that to produce 1KW of compressed air, we need 7kW of electricity and up to 35 per cent energy is lost due to compressor inefficiencies.
“We need to consider GAVSD & G are examples of energy saving compressors that can save 50% of your power to support demand, installation and maintenance costs,” Nyongesa said.

The second presentation was on generators by Godfrey Wafula. He mentioned some of the products the company deals with especially in powering other machines. These consist of portable air compressors, generators, dewatering pumps and lighting towers.

“Atlas Copco focuses on generators due to rising interest among customers. Our generators range from the smallest with 2.3-13 kVA to 800-1250 KVA, which is the largest, adding that the equipments not only give power but are made in a forward thinking manner.  This means that we look at how companies operations look like and take into consideration factors like the engineering technology, efficiency in energy consumption and uptime for machines.”

He mentioned some of the benefits customers can accrue from buying the firm’s generators which include versatility, service delivery and resale value.
The last presentation was done by Raphael Kiandiko, Business Line Manager-Compressor Technique. Kiandiko spoke about use of nitrogen in automobiles. “Nitrogen can be stored in compressors through a membrane.  Nitrogen molecules are bigger than oxygen hence less leakage thus reduced time between inflating a tyre and better pressure retention.”

Other advantages of using nitrogen is that it is a less wet gas compared to air(oxygen),improves fuel economy, minimize wear and tear on the tyres, eliminates oxidation giving tyres a longer span period , cost savings and better environment. Lastly, it is more consistent responding to less temperature changes.

Further, Kiandiko urged petrol owners to put up nitrogen generators in their stations because they are relatively cheap, save on tyre and have a long life period on the roads than oxygen inflated tyres.

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