The Association of Consulting Engineers of Kenya (ACEK) hosted the FIDIC Africa users’ conference on October 11 and 12 at a Nairobi hotel. The conference served as the essential annual update on the latest developments in FIDIC contracts. Those who attended this workshop acquired essential knowledge of the main forms of contract comprised in the “rainbow” suite of FIDIC contracts. FIDIC contract experts and different speakers at the event took the delegates through the entire rainbow book collection and explained in detail the specificities and purposes of each form. 

Eng. J N Mwangi a member of ACEK council moderates a session in Marrakesh

ACEK also participated in the annual conference of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC). Held in Marrakech, in partnership with the Moroccan Federation consulting and engineering (ICME), some 800 participants from all continents were present, with a healthy representation of engineers from Africa. Kenya was represented by council members of the Association of Consulting Engineers (ACEK).

With the participation of the world’s leading consulting engineers, along with clients, partners and financial institutions, the FIDIC 2016 International Infrastructure Conference in Marrakesh hailed as a great success for the industry. Focusing on engineering for the challenges of climate change, the conference was able to highlight key issues as well as business and financial matters impacting the development of infrastructure and the consulting engineering industry.

According to President of FIDIC, Jae-Wan Lee,” the field of Consulting in engineering is increasingly difficult as the practicing environments are getting complicated. A new strategy for strengthening internal contract management systems has begun, incorporating international procedures.”  Engineers must play a role in mitigating the consequences of climate change as it becomes a major global warming becomes a major threat. All projects engineers undertake must take into account the limitation of resources and expectations of the people.



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