COUNTY GOVERNMENT OF BOMET,Tender:Mapping, Topographical Survey & Preparation of Spatial Development Plan (2014-2024),Closing Date:16/5/2014






The County Government of Bomet intends to prepare a county spatial development plan for the purposes of improving the land and providing for proper development, physical development and use of such land including measures for the improvement of the physical living environment, the improvement of communications and transportation, public purpose utilities and services, the improvement of social-economic well-being and the promotion of economic growth and for facilitating sustainable development in line with Vision 2030, the Constitution of Kenya 2010, the Physical Planning Act and County Government Act, 2012.


Eligible consultants are hereby invited to submit an expression of interest (EOI) for digital mapping and topographical survey and the preparation of Bomet County spatial development plan to cover the whole county. The key output of this technical assignment will be a county spatial development framework that will guide development in Bomet County. This should be in the form of a written statement consisting of development policies, strategies and actions/ measures/ and graphical illustrations (maps, diagrams and models).


The terms of reference (TOR) for this assignment shall include but not limited to:


1.  Providing an overall spatial framework for the County to guide development;


2.  Interpreting and localizing strategic national and regional policies and strategies ;


3.  Developing a GIS-based land information system to guide land administration and management;


4.  Developing a framework to guide rural development and settlement;


5.  Providing a basis for efficient and effective delivery of infrastructure and services;


6.  Identifying the vital natural resources within the County, analyze the level of utilization and propose innovative strategies to enhance their utilization and sustainable management;


7.  Identifying opportunities for job creation and employment;


8.  Providing a framework for revitalizing industries, trade and commerce to spur economic development in the County; 


9.  Formulating strategies for improving transport and communication networks and linkages within and outside the County;


10.Developing strategies to realize a system of urban centers for sustainable urban development;


11.Identifying the regions environmental concerns and propose protection and conservation measures;


12.Preparing digital cadastral layers in same system as the digital topographical maps;


13.Assigning land uses and describing policies and standards to regulate and guide the use of land in each category of land use; and


14.Develop research and development framework and resource mobilization strategies for the County.


The mandatory requirements


1.  Clear understanding of the planning process


2.  Experience in similar undertakings


3.  Competency of the firm’s human resource base and specialization to undertake the assignment.


4.  Strong financial base.


5.  Knowledge of the county’s geographical locations, resources, principal land uses, topographical features, drainage system and settlement patterns.


The EOI must be accompanied by copies of the following


a.  Company profile.


b.  Certificate of business incorporations.


c.   Valid tax compliance certificate.


d.  List of at least three similar projects undertaken.


e.  List of at least three references from organizations the firm has offered similar services to.


Interest consultants shall submit an original and two copies of the EOI with all necessary documentation in a plain sealed envelope clearly marked. “EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FOR DIGITAL MAPPING.TOPOGRAPHICAL SURVEY AND THE PREAPARATION OF BOMET COUNTY SPATIAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN (2014-2024)” along with the covering letter duly signed by an authorized signatory on or before Friday 16th May, 2014 at 10.00 am.


The documents should be deposited in the tender box situated at the Procurement County headquarters near the County Treasury of the County Government of Bomet addressed as shown below:






P.O.BOX 19-20400



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