Expression of Interest for Provision of Consultancy Services

Type : Tender ( EOI ) 


Category : Professional Services , Other Professional Services

Ref No : WSTF/ EOI/FCS/003/2014-2015


Closing : Fri, Jul 17, 2015 11:00

Eligibility :  Kenya



Financial Support for Improved access to Water and Sanitation


Ref No. WSTF/EOI/FCS/003/2014-2015

Invitation for Expression of Interest (EOI)



Water Services Trust Fund (WSTF), is a State Corporation under the Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (MEWNR) and established under the Water Act, 2002 with the mandate to assist in financing the provision of water services to areas of Kenya without adequate services. The Trust Fund has continued to invest in the implementation of Water Services and Water Resource Management activities through the following financing mechanisms:

Rural Investments; is an approach applied towards financial support to Implementing Agents in the underserved rural areas to apply for, manage, implement and maintain their own water and sanitation facilities. The main stakeholders are the Community Water Utilities and Rural Water Services Providers in collaboration with the County Governments.

Urban Investments; is an approach applied towards improvement of access to water and sanitation in underserved Low Income Areas in Urban Areas of Kenya. The key implementing partners in this approach are the Water Service Providers in collaboration with the County Governments.

Water Resources Investments: is a mechanism for supporting Water Resource Users Association (WRUAs), promoted by the Water Resources Management Authority, to manage their water resources within sub catchments.

Result Based Aid: This is a mechanism where Water Services Providers and Community Water Utilities obtain project loans from commercial banks against bankable proposals. WSTF then subsidizes the implementer for the loan at pre-agreed rates once deliverables are attained.

WSTF is responsible to ensure that the fiduciary risks are minimized through effective operation of a project management, monitoring and evaluation framework. WSTF engages in appraisal of proposals and ensuring that the investments are sound and sustainable in water supply, Natural Resource Management and Sanitation activities.

To support the WSTFs function of independent oversight, and to augment its capacity, the Fund requires the support of consulting firms/consultants capable of providing the following categories of services under a framework contracting arrangement.

Category A: Technical Support

Support to Implementing Agents in development and verification of proposals, technical designs, project implementation, capacity building support and technical monitoring systems to ensure that funds for activities are utilized for the purpose intended and result in value for money.

Category B: Social Assurance Support

Verification of proposals from a social perspective (including cross cutting issues) and verification of field monitoring systems to ensure social aspects, including conflict resolution, health and sanitation are in conformity with the intended objectives.

Category C: Financial Compliance, Review and Support

Technical support from a financial perspective and verification of systems to check compliance in order to ensure that the project financial management procedures and arrangements results in funds being properly accounted for, utilized for the purpose intended and result in value for money.

Category D: Systems Development Review, Programme Evaluation and Audit Support

In relation to the above categories of inputs the WSTF will also engage consultants to develop, review and audit the WSTF’s management systems, procedures, processes and project cycles to verify adequate systems are in place, to augment the development of such systems where necessary, to ensure that the risk management and controls inbuilt are adequate and effective. Consultants in this category will also be engaged in project and programme evaluation and value for money assessments.

Category E: Legal and Corporate governance support

To review contracts, agreements and MOU’s with suppliers, consultants and development partners as well as monitor all internal governance systems of supporting boards and organizations as well as assisting in arbitration of project related cases. Knowledge and experience of Public Procurement & Disposal Act 2005 and subsequent amendments is necessary.


Request for Expression of Interest

The WSTF now invites eligible consulting firms providing consultancy services to express interest in relation to the above mentioned services.

Information on the Consulting firm must include:-

Company profile and description of similar assignments carried out over the last three (3) years;

Legal status of the organization. Companies must provide copies of certificate of registration, PIN, VAT registration and KRA certificate of compliance;

A brief litigation history of the company over the last three years.

Information relating to individual consultants must include:-


Summary information on individual consultants intended to provide the above services. The consultants summary information should be not more than one page even if the consultant states that he/she can cover more than one category;

Minimum qualifications/skills of key personnel;-

A degree in a relevant field to the category for which interest is expressed

Relevant experience of not less than seven (7) years.

3. Where applicable consultants should also make reference to their registration with a professional body and attach valid practicing certificates;

4. An indication of the category/categories for which the consultant’s to be deployed and interest is expressed;

5. Each consultant on the summary information page should also indicate:-

Their gender

The base locations (County) of the consultants from where possible assignments might commence,

The short listing shall be primarily based on:-


An evaluation of the one page consultant summary information

The geographical spread of potential consultants in relation to each category.

An evaluation of compariy and the individual consultants in relation to each category. k

A request for proposals (RFP) will be issued to the short listed firms. Framework contracts for the provision of consultants will be signed with consulting firms and/or individual consultants within a pre-determined framework of rates and reimbursements costs to cover inputs. The successful contracts will run for a period of 2 years.

The expression of interest must be submitted in writing in four (4) copies to the address and in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked “Expression of Interest: Provision of Consultancy Services” Ref No. WSTF/ EOI/FCS/003/2014-2015


The Chief Executive Officer,

Water Services Trust Fund,

1st Floor, CIC Plaza, Mara Road,

P. O. Box 49699-00100

Nairobi – Kenya

Tel: 020 2720696/2729017/8,

 Fax: 27203457

and placed in the Tender box located on the 1st floor, CIC Plaza, Mara Road so as to be received on or before Friday 17th July, 2015 at 11:00 AM. Bids will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of bidders or their representatives who choose to attend.

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