What does the Fundi Mjanja website do?
www.fundimjanja.com is a Kenyan website that serves to create a portal where clients, material suppliers, professionals and handymen in the construction industry can meet in an environment devoid of mistrust for the common good of all.

How can I get a handy man in my location?
Go to the website www.fundimjanja.com click on the Fundi Categories section you will then be directed to the page where you can choose the particular handyman that you require. You can use the tool tip descriptions to find out exactly what each handyman or fundi does. This will for example assist you in choosing a Site Carpenter instead of a Joiner Carpenter for your particular job. Fundi Mjanja currently has 49 different categories of handymen involved in all aspects of building construction and renovation works.

How can I get a building construction professional like an Architect or Engineer?
Building construction professionals are found in the Fundi Categories section of the website under Architects, Engineer & Quantity Surveyor. Other professionals found under this section include Engineering & Architectural Technicians and Environmental Experts.

How can I get prices of building construction materials?
Go to the website www.fundimjanja.com click on the Building Materials Prices website and search for the item required. The Fundi Mjanja website has a wide array of building construction materials, complete with prices that are inclusive of all government taxes and transport. We believe that in order to have a realistic project cost assessment, all prices must include the shop price, plus transport and taxes. The prices shown in our entire price list include the actual cost of material delivered to site. Currently the prices shown are valid for Nairobi and they cover a radius of 45 Km from the central business district. For material prices in areas beyond the 45 Km radius; a factor of 4.5% should be added to get an estimate. For an exact quote however, place your order with exact directions to your site, our sales executives will get back to you and give you the exact cost.

How can I get specific building construction, renovation or repair advice?
Go to the website www.fundimjanja.com click on the Forum section and select any of the blogs. Here you will find our in house experts who will give answers to your queries. The Fundi Mjanja website currently has 5 forums namely Fundi Mjanja Blog, Fundi Mfalme Blog, Designer Mjanja Blog, Nyumba Imara Blog and BluePrint Blog. Take time and dig into the wealth of archived articles in the different blogs. This will bring you up to speed with current construction trends and basic information. The forums cover diverse topics gleaned from the wealth of experience of our contributors which might eventually address your issue.

How can I register as a Fundi or Handyman?
Go to the website www.fundimjanja.com click on the Sign Up section and follow the prompts and fill in the details required. Our recruitment officers will contact you and arrange for an interview. Please note that all tradesmen listed in our site are registered voluntarily and there are no charges for registration. A tradesman can opt in and out at any time. Fundi Mjanja however reserves the right to strike out or deregister any tradesmen from our database for professional misconduct and is not obligated to give reason or notice. Fundi Mjanja recruits tradesmen by conducting interviews and verifying all information provided by the tradesman. Fundi Mjanja also visits ongoing sites and completed projects that the tradesman has worked or is working on so as to ascertain competence, workmanship and honesty. Fundi Mjanja is under no obligation to register tradesmen who don’t adhere to the standards and neither is it obligated to give reasons for non registration. For more information, click our Terms & Conditions section.

How can I become a Fundi Mjanja pre-qualified supplier?
Go to the website www.fundimjanja.com click on the Contact Us section and drop us a line. Briefly describe your product or service and we will get back to you. If you are a supplier who can match or better the prices in our current price lists, get back to us and we will be happy to do business with you. We will of course independently verify all information given to us so as to make sure that our clients get the quality products and services at the most competitive prices.

Please note that registration of suppliers is free. All suppliers are pre qualified and registered based on quality of products, competitive pricing of goods and services as well as ethical business practises. Suppliers who adhere to these simple principles will always be listed as our suppliers. For more information, click our Terms & Conditions section.

How can I advertise my company, products or services on the Fundi Mjanja website?
Go to the website www.fundimjanja.com click on the Terms & Conditions section. All information pertaining to advertising on the Fundi Mjanja website is listed here. This includes our charges that may change from time to time.

Does Fundi Mjanja endorse any products, companies or professionals on its website?
Fundi Mjanja offers no guarantees or warranties on any products, professionals or handymen listed on its website; neither does it endorse any company or promotions. All third party websites contained in the website are for convenience purposes only. Due care and diligence must be exercised when entering into any commitment based on information contained in the website. For more information, click our Terms & Conditions section. 

What Does Fundi Mjanja do for fun? 
Fundi Mjanja is a deeply philosophical individual who will be found bird watching the majestic marabou storks perched high above Uhuru highway during Nairobi’s traffic rush hour. He has made it his life’s mission to find answers to questions that have plagued mankind like;
Ever wonder what the speed of lightning would be if it didn’t zigzag?
If 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhoea does that mean the fifth one enjoys it?
And; if one synchronized swimmer drowns, do the rest drown too?
But I digress. Till next time, keep well and keep safe.

Fundi Mjanja.

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