On October 14, 2016, Huawei Technologies opened the Safe City Africa Summit in Nairobi to share and present efficient and effective security solutions through use of advanced ICT solutions in African cities and towns. The summit themed ‘Leading new ICT, making cities safer will discuss development trends and share experiences on public safety in cities whilst outlining ways to reduce crime and emphasize city safety through establishing innovative ICT safe city solutions.

The event will focus majorly on technological solutions for urban security management and will feature Security and ICT experts drawn from Kenya Police, UN-Habitat, Huawei, Safaricom and  a former Interpol chief among others to discuss industry trends, challenges and solutions. The summit is part of the globally acclaimed Huawei Safe City Africa Summit series that are set to be held in different parts of the African Continent to feature on security elements.

At the media briefing, Chen Qi said that technologies like video surveillance, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Big data need to be incorporated in order to have a secure city or country. He said that we have decided to do the event in Kenya as it has shown a great need for security solutions and hopes that the security solutions that Huawei provide can make cities and urban towns to be viewed as more secure and safe.

There will also be an exhibition to exhibit the state-of-the-art Safe City solutions on Cloud Computing and Big Data, as well as our success stories emerging from Kenya.

“In terms of considerations, Huawei has engaged with government stakeholders to promote safer cities and environments to extend to every city and town within Africa. These solutions will not only focus on solving crime but also deal with a major hurdle, traffic snarl ups, said Director of Wireless Solutions at Huawei Enterprise Business Group of the Eastern and Southern Africa region, Ms. Rose Moyo.

She observed that though the process of adopting the solutions is slow than expected in some countries hence we decided to accelerate it here in Kenya today that is why we are holding this function.

This is the second city summit and the summit organizers intend to extend to Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire and Nigeria. At the event was Huawei CEO, Dean Yu.

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