Global technology solutions firm Huawei has expressed its commitment to assist mobile telecommunication operators in Kenya among other emerging markets to increase their efficiency and drive profitable growth.

As part of Huawei’s emerging market growth strategy, the firm has announced solid plans geared at promoting the sustainable development in emerging market players.

Among other fronts, Huawei will be seeking to enhance the rapid deployment of home broadband and indoor digitalization solutions to improve coverage and user experience.

Speaking in Barcelona, Spain at the Digital Transformation Forum staged on the sidelines of the Mobile World Conference (MWC 2017), Huawei Executive Director and Chief Strategy Marketing Officer, Mr. William Xu, said carriers in Kenya will enjoy solutions geared at fostering rapid technology deployment.

During the forum Huawei outlined its role as an all-round strategic partner to countries looking to advance economic and social development. The firm expressed its commitment to creating value for communities by collaborating with operators to help them maximize network assets, deploy home broadband and indoor digitalization, and drive connectivity to enhance the user experience, while promoting economic and social growth.

“We shall work hand-in-hand with operators such as Telkom Kenya, Safaricom and Airtel Kenya among others, to help them identify valued customers, develop valued businesses, and build valued networks. We enable operators to combine industry policy with the utilization of existing network resources, and integrate technological and business innovation,” Mr. William Xu said, and added: “By 2025, we will see 2 billion more people with mobile connections, and another 500 million broadband homes. Our commitment has always been to enable world’s operators to build roads to new growth.”

Huawei, he disclosed has already analyzed the current landscape in emerging markets to formulate its strategic approach from four angles: user+, family+, asset+, and efficiency+. 

The Global Connectivity Index (GCI) published by Huawei in 2016 reported that for each GCI score point increase a country improved its innovation capacity by 2.2%, competitiveness by 2.1%, and productivity by 2.3%.

“Huawei continues to drive its social responsibility to help emerging markets grow by at least 1 GCI point while guaranteeing coverage in times of major world events or natural disasters.”

Rapid deployment of home broadband and indoor digitalization will improve coverage and the user experience. Existing network assets are leveraged to maximize network value and spectrum efficiency, improve O&M, and serve every economic level. Interconnecting all users promotes the development of economy, society, and humanity.


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