C4DLab, the University of Nairobi’s innovation hub will host this year’s Nairobi Innovation Week, a signature event to celebrate and recognize innovations relevant to our society. The event has been slated for August 5-7 2015 at the University of Nairobi.

The Innovation Week will create a platform for exhibiting and recognizing innovation by researchers, techpreneurs, and industry as well as offer an avenue for presentation of innovation papers, illustrations, and case studies, which are in the form of proceedings, and journals. The initiative seeks to champion discussions on innovation.

The event will comprise keynote speeches in plenary sessions, policy discussions, research paper and case study presentations, round-table discussions as well as exhibitions of inventions and innovations by individual innovators, start-ups and organizations. The target participants include University of Nairobi innovators (students, start-ups and staff), other universities, industry (private sector, Government, NGOs), entrepreneurs, investors and venture capitalists, as well as business-tech incubation hubs.

Ultimately, the Nairobi Innovation Week will have achieved, among other key milestones, special engagement with policy makers on the growth and support of innovation ecosystem in Kenya, proper showcase of spectacular innovations and inventions, creation of useful linkages, successful launch of important journals, an increase of innovator, university and partner visibility.

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