Kenya, though not much involved in the world wars, has something to show owing to the First World War. The need to link up the East Africa region and facilitate the war called for an engineer’s services to build an airbase in Kisumu.

The Kisumu Airport is one of the oldest airports in Africa and the oldest in the East African region. It was started off as a British army base and expanded in 1970 to a major airstrip. It however took a while to become what it is today.

The airport which serves nearly twenty (20) flights per day including un-charted flights is a key pillar in Kisumu’s economy. The airport manager, J.Okumu told the AWEsome team that the airport plays a major part in making the Great Lake Region a business hub.

The new airport was opened in 2012 by the former president, Mwai Kibaki. It is built in a way that allows for its expansion in either way. Phase two of the port expansion is underway and will involve construction of the cargo apron, parallel taxiway as well as strengthening the existing runway.

Considering that the region is a fish producer, they also seek to build a cold room in the airport to allow for mass transportation of fish which is a key income earner for the region.

A dual carriage way is being constructed along the Kisumu town and airport road and this is considered a good move to boost the airport’s access.

Source: Project AWEsome Files

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