Agro-Chemical and Food Company is the premium maker of baker’s yeast and alcohol related products in the country. The factory located in Muhoroni relies on the end product, molasses, in sugar factories.

The molasses is gotten from the sugar factories in the area and is subjected to various processes to produce ethanol, alcohol and yeast.

Other than these two, the company is now planning on setting up their own beverage purification plant, produce their own dry ice from the carbon produced by the plant as well as start a liquor bottling plant.

The plant uses their end product in the distillery which was commissioned in 2008 as a source of energy. The waste from here is stored in a bulk volume fermenter where it produces methane gas which is piped into the boiler to assist in heating.

The factory currently has a storage capacity of 11,000 tonnes of molasses and uses up 250 tonnes per day. Their products are sold across the East Africa region and is now eyeing the international market.

Source: Project AWEsome Files    

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