Most of the old fashioned robots were regarded as dawdling and cumbersome to control but that is not the case anymore as robot lovers like Sebastian Cotton and Colton Black saw the necessity of coming up with a self-balanced ,stable and efficient robot, the OutRunner.

The robot has been created right from biological animal biometrics to computer simulation, mechanical design and lastly to algorithm development for efficient power consumption.

The robot has two versions, Outrunner Core with a base model that runs up to ten miles per hour, a battery life of one hour, universal camera mount and sensors upgrades. Outrunner Performance is the upgraded model with a top speed of twenty miles per hour, battery life of two hours with a smartphone control option.

Currently the company, Robotics Unlimited has done a Kickstarter funding video to show how the robot is run and tested. This will help them get more funds to produce more awesome robot outrunners for future generations.

The shipping and Kickstarter backers of the robot will be in July 2015.

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