Windlab Developments South Africa Managing Director Peter Venn said they are ready to invest USD100 million right away to develop wind energy in Meru county as long as they have the assurance of securing land. Speaking at the Meru county investment conference taking place from 25th to 27th June 2015 the South African company becomes the latest to be interested in wind power generation in Meru.


The main power generator in Kenya, Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KENGEN) is set to put up a 400MW wind power plant along the Meru-Isiolo border which has a wind corridor.

This area of the country is of interest to wind power investors because of its geographical location. The area is between the drier Isiolo areas and the cold mount Kenya region causing a natural flow of wind that can be tapped to produce high capacity of wind power.

Another IPP, Blue Sea Energy is planning to install 27 wind turbines in the same region to tap wind power. These initiatives add to the governments drive to increase Kenya’s installed power generation capacity. 

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