WHEREAS, the 26th IEK international conference on Overcoming the 21st Century Challenges, “Implementing Sustainable Regional and Local Development Agenda” held in Leisure Lodge Beach & Golf Resort, Diani, Kenya Tuesday 3rd to Friday 6th September 2019 noted the need for the Kenyan Government to give sufficient support to the Engineering professionals in order to build capacity in implementing Sustainable Regional and Local Development Agendas for the development of the Nation.

REALISING that Kenyan government has put policies, regulatory frameworks, strategies there is need to conduct sensitization of the existing policies towards the “Implementation of Sustainable Regional and Local Development Agendas”. The need for human capital consisting of competent engineers and other professionals will entail a holistic approach to achieving sustainable development, hence increasing the level of economic activities due to the enhanced corporation, advocacy, awareness, political goodwill and outreach achieved.

OBSERVING that the theme is in line with the Big 4 Agenda and by extension the UN SDG goals such as SDG1 (no poverty), SDG2 (zero hunger, achieve food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture), SDG3 (good health and well-being), SDG6 (clean water and
sanitation), SDG7 (Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all), SDG9 (Industry, innovation, and infrastructure) and SDG5 (gender equality).

FURTHER OBSERVING that Kenya has prioritized the AU aspiration 1(a prosperous Africa based on inclusive growth and sustainable development) Agenda 2063 particularly goal 10 which focusses on world-class infrastructure crisscrossing Africa and hence contributing to the Big 4 agenda.

NOTING that the IEK conference gave an opportunity for engineers to share knowledge and innovations realized in the sector. Also, to be sensitized on participation in policy formulation and implementation to ensure sustainable Regional and Local Development Agendas are achieved.

WHEREAS the conference delegates noted gaps in Engineering leadership, Research, Design and Development Prioritization as well as Commercialization of Research findings and consider the need to translate conference outputs, outcomes and results into marketable innovations,
policy instruments and advice to the Government, Industry, Society, among other stakeholders.

FURTHER NOTING that currently there is a need for building trust andpartnerships between the Government, Research Institutions, Academia,Engineering Professionals and Contractors. Conference delegates observed the need for policy interventions in engineering practice through enhanced
engineering education, research, and participation in policy formulation and implementation.

Therefore, the IEK delegates, gathered in Diani, RESOLVED as follows:

1. Funding and Contracting Strategies that promote Local Content
It was resolved that the IEK shall:
1.1. Harmonize the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act, (PPADA), 2015, with Development Partners’ Procurement Guidelines.

1.2. Ensure the adoption of Performance-Based Contracting (PBC) for road maintenance.

2. Compliance with UN-SDGs and Alignment with AU Agenda 2063
It was resolved that the IEK shall:
2.1. Ensure the inclusion of women in the Engineering profession in accordance with SDG 5.

2.2. Spearhead the enhancement of policies promoting the adoption of rainwater harvesting through the National Water Harvesting and Storage Authority in line with SDG 6.

2.3. Facilitate research for the development of local decision support systems for farmers to increase productivity in line with SDG 2.

2.4. Promote the adoption of Safe System Approach in Road Safety inline with SDG 3, 9, and 11.

3. Implementing Kenya’s Vision 2030 and Big 4 Agenda

It was resolved that the IEK shall:

3.1. Promote the adoption of well-structured Private Public Partnerships (PPPs) in order to ensure the realization of Kenya’s Vision 2030 and the Big 4 Agenda.

3.2. Advocate for the use of alternative sources of energy, other than biofuels, in rural areas e.g. electricity, solar, and wind.

3.3. Lobby for the adoption of alternative building materials and technologies.

3.4. Promote use of smart technologies in healthcare

3.5. Local manufacturing organizations

3.6. Foster collaborations between universities and industry to accelerate the growth of innovative technologies

4. Global Best Practices in Procurement Strategies and Promoting Ethical Behavior

It was resolved that the IEK shall:

4.1. Facilitate discussions that foster discipline, quality, and integrity in Kenya’s Engineering profession.

4.2. Promote the adoption of modern technologies in order to monitor axle loads on Kenya’s infrastructures.

4.3. Sensitize its members on the ramifications of corruption.

4.4. Develop and enforce a code of conduct and ethics on its members.

4.5. Establish technical panels that will be on standby to respond to events that require technical opinions.

4.6. Create awareness among Engineers on the implications of using the different contract management frameworks like the FIDIC Silver Book, FIDIC Red Book, EPC Gold Book among others.

4.7. Lobby for the inclusion of engineers in policy formulation in institutions fighting corruption.

4.8. Develop mechanisms that protect Engineers who adhere to professional ethics from harassment from authority.

4.9. Implement measures that make it easier for anyone to flash out quacks masquerading as Engineers.

4.10. Lobby for Agencies that are of an Engineering nature to be headed by Professional Engineers with adequate representation of engineers in the various units.

4.11. Ensure that infrastructural offices within the County governments are headed by Engineers.

5. Impacts of Existing Legal and Regulatory Framework. 

It was resolved that the IEK shall:

5.1. Ensure Engineers participate in the development and implementation of regulatory policies and laws affecting the
Engineering Sector.

5.2. Lobby for the enactment of laws and enforcement of policies that ensure that it is mandatory for Engineering services to be sought during project formulation, design and implementation at all levels.

5.3. Ensure that the Attorney General seeks the concurrence of Engineers when developing and reviewing laws touching on technical matters or engineering services.

5.4. Engage engineers in developing a caucus to champion for the welfare of engineers.

5.5. Lobby for the full operationalization of the Water Act.

5.6. Ensure a multi-sectorial approach in the enforcement of energy management regulations.

5.7. Be fully involved in the domestication of Structural Eurocodes in Kenya and facilitate the training of engineers on the same.

5.8. Work towards ensuring that Engineers, Technologists, Technicians, and Artisans are regulated under one regulatory board.

6. Enhancing Capacity Building

It was resolved that the IEK shall:

6.1. Support training institutions in capacity building on human resource.

6.2. Lobby for learning institutions to acquire and access equipment needed to support research and training engineers.

6.3. Promote linkages between industry and training institutions for skills transfer through attachments, internships and collaborative research.

6.4. Advocate for adequate renumeration to the engineering professionals competitively.

7. Smart Cities and Artificial Intelligence

It was resolved that the IEK shall:

7.1. Ensure the inclusion of modern waste management techniques and enhanced flood management methods in the design of modern and revitalization of older cities.

7.2. Ensure the adoption of remote sensing and satellite technology in water quality management.

7.3. Advocate for the adoption of augmented technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud sourcing and deep learning for data monitoring, increased connectivity, and optimize resource management.

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  1. 5.8. Work towards ensuring that Engineers, Technologists, Technicians, and Artisans are regulated under one regulatory board.

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