Samsung’s largest single unit capacity Air Conditioner to save energy consumption for the property market. Samsung Electronics East Africa is set to launch the largest single unit capacity air conditioning system that provides world-class energy efficiency with the most powerful cooling and heating performance during its annual regional AC conference to be held on 8th April, 2015. 


According to Robert Ngeru VP & COO Samsung East Africa, the cutting edge technology for any type of space from high-rise buildings to small commercial spaces will improve energy efficiency by giving perfect cooling and heating solutions. 

“The 3rd Generation Digital Variable Multi System (DVM S) air system is most appropriate for compact installation spaces thus allowing consumers to make the best use of their space. It enjoys a 40% reduction in footprint while slimming down 30% in gross weight. The end user will benefit with a space saving unit that will result in lower installed costs and greater energy saving capability,” said Mr. Ngeru

“The smart system air conditioner has flexible piping installation up to 220 meters appropriate for high rise buildings and wide areas.  The smart air conditioner has a dual inverter compressor with an upgraded vapor injection system within the compressor which optimizes energy efficiency by ensuring balanced oil distribution and quicker cooling and heating systems, providing energy savings which is key in the market where power costs are high ” he added. 

The DVMS is currently the world’s highest capacity single module outdoor unit in the market that exceeds competing products. The smart system air conditioner has a multi-step diagnose function that enables the end user to easily detect any malfunction in the system and recover the last 30 minutes of operation data.  The air conditioner also has a Wi-Fi monitoring system; sensor check, operation status check, major parts check and a data back up system. This enables easy trouble shooting which is very beneficial as it saves time and subsequently costs.


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