Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i has cautioned professional bodies against creating chaos in universities by inciting students over programmes’ accreditation. This comes at a time when the Ministry of Education is working on reforms that would guide courses being offered by tertiary institutions. C.S  Matiang’i said the ministry and Kenya National Qualifications Authority were drafting the new rules. The guidelines, according to the authority, would be in place in January 2018.

The CS has consistently asked professional organizations like the Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK) to work with the Commission for University Education (CUE) in advising on course qualifications. EBK has in the past clashed with Universities and CUE on the issue of accreditation leaving several students in limbo after declaring their courses none accredited. “We need to stop the practice of moving to the court to stop courses which have already been approved by the CUE and are already being offered in various universities if we want to help students to get quality education professional bodies should come in and start offering advice,” he said.

“It is immoral for a professional body to walk into a university and start to harass the institutions over programmes accreditation. We have a regulator. Write to them and officially complain to them,” said Matiang’i. “What is so difficult in writing to CUE detailing a list of requirements for graduates of certain programmes and allowing CUE to take it up with the respective institutions?” He posed.  He advised that regulators should submit their wants, needs, requirements and expectations to CUE and let them deal with it. We have all sorts of professional bodies. When will we deal with these anarchy created by turf wars that don’t help anyone?” asked Matiang’i. The CS reiterated that CUE was the sole regulator of courses and sole programmes accreditation authority in Kenyan Universities. 

The chairman of the Kenya National Qualifications Authority, the body drafting the reforms Prof Bonaventure W. Kerre said the framework is based on set criteria that aim at integrating and coordinating qualifications to improve the transparency and quality of programs offered in institutions of higher education. The guidelines would be based on set criteria aimed at integrating and coordinating qualifications to improve transparency and quality.


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