At last technicians and engineering technologists will get the recognition they deserve after the Technicians and Technologists Bill was assented to by the president into an Act. These professionals hitherto recognized under the defunct Engineers Registration Board (ERB) were excluded with the enactment of Engineers Act 2011. The new Act resulted into the current Engineers Board of Kenya (EBK) that does not recognize Technicians and Technologists. 

Uhuru Kenyatta, the President of the republic of Kenya assenting to the Engineering Technicians and Technologists Bill 2016, on August 2 2016 said the Act provides for the regulation, practice and standards of engineering technologists and technicians. Technical University of Kenya (TU-K) in conjunction with the Institution of Engineering Technologist and Technicians (IET) has been lobbying for this enactment that will result in the creation of Kenya Engineering Technologists and Technicians Board (KETTB).  The act establishes KETTB a statutory body which will regulate four carders of people: Engineering Technologists, Engineering Technicians, Engineering Craft Persons and Artisans.

The Chairman of the Sub-committee on Technical Vocation and Education Training (TVET) in parliament Hon. Ceciliah Ng’etich has been one of the forces in parliament committed to pushing the agenda of TVET forward. She lobbied her colleagues to ensure that the Bill is enacted. In a past meeting with parliamentarians TU-K Vice-Chancellor Prof. Francis Aduol had noted that the bill was important since it provided for the recognition of a neglected practitioners marked a new beginning of strong partnership between the university and Members of Parliament. He explained that IET has been championing for their formal recognition for four years and therefore he hoped that parliamentarians would help the body and other TVET institutions champion their course. The nod given by the president through this act is vital to realizing this recognition.

The “ACT of Parliament is to make provision for the regulation, practice and standards of engineering technologists and technicians, and for connected purposes” It also provides for the powers, composition and functions of engineering technologists and technicians board.

Besides issuing licenses to technicians and technologists, KETTB will have power to recommend for the suspension of any engineering technology professional services, works, projects, installation process which is done without meeting set standards. They will ensure standards and professional ethics and relevant health and safety standards are adhered to. It will also set standards and conduct professional examinations for the purpose of registration.

TU-K which has suffered several censures under EBK will now have a new board to report to. The institution and its students have had problems even in the courses that are being undertaken because once they graduate, they cannot get employment due to that fact that they were not recognized and had no regulatory body.

Engineering Technicians and Technologists Bill 2016

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