Tullow Oil Company has recently announced plans to further its exploration activities in the country. The oil and gas company announced its half year results ending this June for the period of January 2015 to June 2015. The company plans to expand its exploration activities focusing on the prospective southern part of the Kerio Basin adjacent to the major discoveries made in the South Lokichar Basin.


During the announcements, the company’s chief executive, Aiden Heavey said, “We are making good progress with our major development projects in West and East Africa.”This was after the oil company focused on the appraisal of the basin to test the extent of previous discoveries and gain important reservoir data for the field development plans.

The company has discovered 160-200 metres and 135 metres of net oil pay respectively from the Ngamia-5 and Ngamia-6 appraisal wells drilled on early this year. On the same note, the Ngamia-7 appraisal well up to 130 metres of net oil while the Ngamia-8 and Ngamia-9 were completed in July with a substantive amount of net oil. It  will focus its activities on drilling of Twiga-3 and Amosing -5 in the third quarter of the year which will finally complete appraisal drilling in the South Lokichar Basin.

Exploration activities in the first half of the year mainly focused on basin opening wells across Tullow’s extensive acreage. A cumulative volume of 30,000 barrels of oil has been produced into storage after the Amosing-1 and Amosing -2 wells were completed in five separate zones. Preparations are now underway for the Ngamia External Well Tests; multi zone completions have been installed in the Ngamia-8, Ngamia-3 and Ngamia-6 wells and clean up flow testing has been completed. This will be followed by water injection testing.

With over 2.5 billion Kenya shillings allocated to exploration and appraisal activities, the oil company has invested more than 75 per cent   of the total expenditure in Kenya, Ghana and Uganda based on the current estimates and work programmes. The company’s progress on the East African pipeline route to export oil from Lake Albert in Uganda and the South Lokichar Basin Kenya has a tremendous momentum in the recent months. The government’s decision on the pipeline route is expected in the third quarter 2015 as they look forward to achieve a combined project sanction of the export pipeline.

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