On 9th July United States International University (USIU) hosted a Public Lecture on “Internet Standards Development and the Internet Engineering Task Force” by Mr. Olaf Kolkman, Chief Technical Officer – Internet Society. “Then internet is a network of independent networks that exchange IP traffic” observed Mr. Olaf. Indicating that collaboration is what makes things happen he encouraged the younger members of

the audience to be engaged in internet engineering since every generation is smarter than the preceding.

Mr. Olaf however warned that every software developer has a responsibility to the users to develop secure applications, which do not lead to data loss or breach. He emphasized the importance of global internet standard and guidelines that will enable the internet community to continue in its growth.

The forum brought together 10 of the best senior ICT undergraduate and graduate students (Computer Science, Information Systems/technology, and Electrical Engineering) in each institution of Higher Education in Kenya.

The Internet Society is the home of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) that develops Global Internet standards. Mr. Kolkman’s public lecture is part of the 3rd African DNS Forum. Kenya Network Information Network (KENIC) – the primary internet governance body in Kenya, hosted the forum.

The last university public lecture was delivered by Vint Cerf – considered to the father of the Internet – at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre in 2011 during the UN Internet Governance Forum. Through its forums, IETF furthers the development and specification of Internet technology through discussion of technical issues, direction, policy, and procedures.

USIU-Africa hosts Kenya Education Network (KENET)’s secondary data center with (multiple fiber Internet access), and has several state-of-the art technology-ready spaces and a high-speed Internet connections.

Speaking at the public lecture Prof. Meoli Kashorda, the Executive Director of KENET said they would be willing to give travel grants to doctoral students to participate in future IETF forums in other parts of the world. This would serve to plug the gap in participation by Africa in IETF events and discussions.

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