Eng Wanyoike,Council Member ACEK (L), Eng. James Mwangi ,Chairman ACEK (3rd left) and Eng. Muchemi, ACEK immediate past chairman,ACEK(R) during the golf tournament awarding ceremony


Association of Consulting Engineers of Kenya, (ACEK) held its golf tournament event at Kenya Railways Golf Club on November 28, 2014, Nairobi. The main objective of the event was to bring engineers together to network and give opportunity to sponsors to display their products.

The turnout at the event was great as engineers and non-engineers mingled to play in the game known for the elite people.

Speaking at the tournament, Chairman of ACEK, Eng. James Mwangi said, “Having had the ACEK week training where we had over 50 people participating, we decided to crown it all with a golf competition among engineers and non-engineers. The training aimed at discussing the laid down conditions of contract under FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers).”

“FIDIC is an internationally recognized document signed between clients and contractors and managed by a consultant engineer in the supervision of projects. Conditions of contract are different depending on the nature of projects and sets rules of engagement among engineers,” Mwangi stated.

 “This training came at a time when Kenya is undergoing major infrastructural projects, therefore, there is need to train engineers on the conditions of contract while handling these projects. This document is internationally recognized by multilateral banks including World Bank and African Development Bank (ADB),” he remarked.

Recently, the association members visited Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where they networked with engineers who recognized the pivotal need for FIDIC.

In addition, the golf tournament event that went down till evening saw ACEK award winners with gift bags, tour trek, one click collapsible push cart and other gifts after a whole day competition.

ACEK will be holding its first dinner on December 2, 2014 in Nairobi where the Cabinet Secretary for Transport and Infrastructure, Mr Michael Kamau will be the chief guest. The association wishes to create visibility by engaging the government in different areas and promoting public sensitization on the use of professionalism in construction services.

ACEK was formed in 1968 with the objective of promoting the Advancement of the Professionalism of Consulting Engineers by associating together for consultation and cooperation of those engineers whose work is of purely consultative character. ACEK is affiliated to FIDIC and Group of African Member Associations (GAMA).





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