Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has proven to be an essential base without which a country’s economy cannot function. Already in most developing countries it is a significant part of the economy. Many of those countries are specializing in the new economy, supporting the global demand for ICT while others are innovating to meet their own domestic demand.  In the May-June Issue of the Kenya Engineer Magazine, we will explore the role played by the ICT industry in Kenya’s Economy.  

Kenya Engineer magazine which is the definitive publication of the Institution of Engineers of Kenya (IEK) would like to invite Engineers, stakeholders and interested individuals to contribute to the next issue of Kenya Engineer magazine by writing and submitting articles.  We invite articles on ICT, INNOVATIONS and related issues. 

Kenya Engineer is published once every two months (bi-monthly). The Journal carries a variety of engineering oriented articles; news, Features, leading projects, interesting profiles of leading engineers and contractors, referred professional papers, meetings as well as news on engineering and construction equipment gathered from across the East Africa region.

To be heard send your opinion to or  Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to select, edit and publish in line with our editorial policy, quality and integrity.

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