Engineers practicing as technicians and technologists will be required to obtain licenses  if a new bill becomes law. The bill referred to as the Engineering Technologists and Technicians Bill 2015 outlines the requirements to be fulfilled when applying for a practising licence.

If the bill is passed, an Engineering Technologists and Technicians Registration Board will be established to issue licenses to qualified persons, to enter and inspect sites where construction is being carried out, install, erect, alter, renovate, maintain, process or manufacture works that are in progress to verify that engineering professional services and works are undertaken by registered persons under the Act.

With occupational Safety and Health Act 2007, the board will ensure standards and professional ethics and critical health and safety aspects are observed.

“The function of the board shall be to assess, approve or reject engineering technology qualifications of foreign persons intending to offer engineering technology professional services or works in Kenya,” the Bill states in Clause 4.

Members of the board will have unfettered powers to enter and inspect business premises for verification purposes or for monitoring works, services and goods rendered by professional engineering technologists.It will have power to recommend for the suspension of any engineering technology professional services, works, projects, installation process which are done without meeting the set standards.

The board will set standards and conduct professional examinations for the purpose of registration where applicable.
Cabinet Secretary responsible for engineering matters, the principal secretary, chairperson of the institution of engineering technologists and technicians, the registrar and 12 persons appointed by the cabinet secretary will constitute membership of the board.

Source: Business Daily

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