The world is full of people who do their work halfheartedly, poorly and grudgingly. Do not be like them- Geoffrey Griffin

Engineering Hub (E-Hub) inception meeting was held on Friday 17th June at Strathmore Business School. ‘E-hub was conceptualized online as a forum targeting from final year engineering students to engineers already in practice’ Said one of the organizers Pavel Oimeke who is also the Director of Renewable energy at the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC). This meeting resulted from online conversations by Kenyan Engineers through Telegram and Whatsapp.

‘The goal is to assist young engineers to nature their ideas from concept stage to realization of their products or services that are commercially viable and sustainable’ Mr Oimeke added. He also noted the need to set up a legal framework for operation since the hub will seek to partner with donors and other individuals willing to invest and support the innovative ideas which will come from the hub.

Robert Kinyua Ph.D., Associate Professor in the Department of Physics, & Director of the Institute of Energy & Environmental Technology at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) delivered the Keynote speech. He observed that Innovations require 3 things; a need, competent people with required technology and financial support.

‘The main drive for young people after graduating is to get a job. In that case who will develop the local industry?’ Prof. Kinyua asked. He defined innovation as: a new idea, device, method, process applied for better results. He also noted that engineering researchers will have to take a multi-disciplinary approach to innovation in order to obtain the best results.

Prof Izael Da Silva, the DVC Academic Affairs of Strathmore University speaking at the meeting said ‘Underneath all efforts that make a dent in the history of the world, there are 3 issues that are basic; first, You cannot do it by yourself; you have to work with other people, second you need to break the paradigm of being reactive, be proactive and finally begin with the end in mind, you give birth to your realities.’ ‘You must also be willing to put in work in your 16 hours of vigil’ he added

Eng. Steven Auma gave a brief overview of organizations the hub seeks to emulate, especially the International Center of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE). He observed that ICIPE started as a one man organization that has now morphed into an international organization with government chatter. 

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