The management of Mhandisi Sacco is delighted to announce another half year of progress and continued growth from January 2016. The Sacco has seen its capital base soar as a result of increased members deposits and robust Sacco operations.  

Several engineers have already benefited from the different products and credit facilities offered by the Sacco. Most of these members have accessed credit facilities for their personal development while others have turned to the Sacco during times of dire need to be given emergency loans.  Members enjoy the different products of Mhandisi with fellow members acting as their guarantors without the need of a security. This cuts the red tapes and high interest rates associated with other lending organizations. The fixed interest rate also shields members against the fluctuating and high interest’s rates charged by commercial banks. With an efficient management and committed secretariat the Sacco takes the least time possible to disburse the different loans, with emergency loans taking only 24 hours.  

The Sacco is designed to meet the needs of engineers both who have advanced in their careers and even the ones at the entry levels. The core mission of the organization is to give members an opportunity to save and get loans at very low interest rates based on one’s own contributions.  The Sacco comprises members from the Institution of Engineers of Kenya (IEK), individuals working for construction and consultancy firms, public sector employees, academia and people involved in technical practices at all levels.

The Sacco is all-inclusive; being part of the Mhandisi Sacco is easy. It requires completing a membership application form obtained from Mhandisi secretariat stationed at the IEK offices in Top Plaza along Kindaruma road. It can also be downloaded from the website: To encourage inclusion, the members of the Sacco resolved that the entry fees can be paid progressively in installments for a period of up to six months. 

Testimonials from proud members of the Sacco

Fredrick Oguna: “The Sacco was efficient on its service delivery. I was able to get the loan I applied for within 24 hours.  The loan assisted me purchase land to boost my personal development and investments. All you need to get the loans are guarantors.”

Clifford Gitonga: “It’s great that the Sacco increased the amount of loans it can give members to three times their savings. This has proved very helpful, I have so far managed to build my saving and benefit from the Sacco loans.  I must observe that the terms are very friendly and flexible. I encourage new members to join and bring their friends with them who will act as their guarantors when applying for loans.”



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