The latest addition to the highly anticipated African Rail Evolution summit is Mr. Shewangizaw Kifle Mulugeta, Chief of the Infrastructure Asset Management Department at Ethiopian Railways Corporation.

Mr. Mulugeta will be delivering a case study on the estimated 2000 km standard gauge railway infrastructure project that the Ethiopian government has recently undertaken, amongst several other mega projects in construction since 2014/2015. The case study will include innovative financing methods used for the implementation of the project.
Mulugeta has vast experience in transport and energy projects. He was a national delegate on climate change negotiations for bilateral negotiations on regional transport interconnectivity between Ethiopia and Djibouti, Kenya and South Sudan. Experienced in HSE policy and strategy implementation in railway construction projects and operation, Mulugeta will share his hands-on knowledge on infrastructure asset management and planning, training and monitoring.
Africa is faced with many challenges when it comes to rail infrastructure.  Presently, about 14 African countries do not have rail networks at all and where they do exist in many instances they have fallen into a state of disrepair.  Africa is also staring at rapidly increasing transportation costs that stand at 63% higher than in other developed nations, and this hampers competitiveness in local and international business. Worst hit are landlocked countries, including Ethiopia. This situation could improve once railways are developed, which is exactly what Ethiopia’s standard gauge railway infrastructure project aims to achieve.  The Ethiopian Railways Corporation has identified eight railway corridors and the target is to lay an estimate of 5060 km of rail.
The forum is geared toward an African audience, with the goal of accessibility to trade corridors and to enhancing cross border trade among African countries and connecting the continent through a rail system that is reliable, efficient and safe.
Join Kifle Mulugeta amongst other esteemed rail maintenance and rehabilitation experts at the African Rail Evolution summit to hear about these exciting developments and more.

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