Today marked the official opening of the Road Infrastructure Development Stakeholders Conference by the president of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta. The forum organized by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure is happening at the KICC (Kenyatta International Conference Centre).

During the opening, the President noted that the country’s infrastructure development has not kept pace with the development aspirations and as an impact of this, underdevelopment has been felt throughout the country.

The country has since independence paved only 14,000KM of road, less than 9 per cent of the total road network. However, the government seeks to have an extra 10,000km paved in 5 years.

Among the listed setbacks for road development as pointed by the president are contractor’s low capacity to undertake large scale projects; inadequate funding and weak contractual arrangements.

“Indolence, corruption and outmoded development models have held back our country’s potential by at least decades.”, noted the President.

To aid in financing road construction projects, the Annuity Financing Framework will be used. Under the Annuity Programme, 2,000km of small roads will be completed within the 2014/2015 FY. This will be followed by 3,000KM in the next FY made up of 80 per cent small roads and 20 per cent highways.

“Expect therefore to see intensive road construction going on at a place near you.”, said the President.
He has urged stakeholders to take maximum advantage of the numerous profitable opportunities under the Annuity Programme.

More roads will promote national integration and improve security due to connectivity of our regions and communities. Poor access to basic social services has led to failures in educating, securing or keeping our communities healthy.




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