Frontier Services Group has attained consent from Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) for stake acquisition of 51% of the Wilson airport. This comes after Frontier acquired 49% from its subsidiary Phoenix Aviation at a cost of about KES 1.2bn (USD 14 million).

According to Global Travel Industry news, KCAA has granted Phoenix, a subsidiary of Frontier Services, charter rights from Nairobi to China despite the fact that it is not clear if the current fleet of aircraft that includes four citation C550’s, one citation C560 and an MD-83 among others, will be used or Phoenix may purchase a larger fleet of aircraft for the purpose.

In addition, the daily reports that this will trigger change in board of directors and top management as time lapses. Frontier also acquired 49% share in Kijipiwa Aviation which is based in Kilifi, a few weeks ago before buying Phoenix.

Frontier Services Group is an investing company based in Hong Kong that specialises in aviation and logistics, advertising and rescue operations. Further, it plans to invest greatly in the emerging oil and mining industries in Kenya.




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