Would you briefly tell us who you are?
I’m a simple lady, passionate about engineering and how it impacts our way of life.

Education is a long demanding process, how did you make it to the level you are in?
Hard work, diligence and focus on the end game.

People are inspired by different things to pursue the careers they are in. What motivated you to do engineering?
I saw an opportunity in the industry, it is very vibrant and I am curious and passionate to add to that vibrancy, I chose to study Civil Engineering. 

Ladies face different obstacles while striving for excellence. What are the greatest challenges you encounter while pursuing engineering?
Studying engineering is very demanding, the heavy workload and balancing studies with leadership is a challenge. The challenges I face while studying engineering are not gender specific; they are challenges faced by my male counterparts in equal measure.

Engineering has an integral role towards a country achieving its development goals, what roles  do you see engineering playing in the next 5 or 10 years towards attaining vision 2030?

There’s no doubt that engineering drives the economy, we engineers barely make noise about it but for sure we are at the heart of vision 2030. I see engineering at the center of it all, improving the quality of life, transforming the systems in the country through innovation and technological advancements, the list can’t be exhausted and knowing that as ESA we visit High schools occasionally to encourage students to take up engineering courses because the country needs engineers.

Let’s talk about ESA, what is the vision, mission and objective of this association you now head?
ESA is a professional body in the school of engineering that brings together engineering students. The main objective of ESA is to promote academic welfare of its members as well as bridge the gap between industry players and students through partnerships with organizations in ways that benefit the University of Nairobi Student populace.
We envision an all rounded engineering student who has the confidence to use their academic knowledge, talents and skills to make a better Kenya through the platform we provide as an association

What are some of the roles you see yourself playing as ESA chair-lady?
As the chair I am obliged to ensure the association is managed effectively and the objectives and visions are attained. 

What changes will you bring among student engineers that will be different from your predecessors?

I envision a body that creates more opportunities for students to tap into their talents, passions, ideas and have a better understanding of the industry; how it works and what it demands of them as student engineers.

Tell us about you… what do you do during your ‘me’ time?

I like reading motivational books; they keep me going. Hiking; it improves my endurance. Mentoring younger people; it keeps me on track.

What is your advice and parting shot to the young people who are aspiring to be engineers and especially to the ladies?

Be wise, confident and aggressive, it’s a tough world but you have to gather all the courage to face it all. Many people rely on networks and connections to make it out there, that’s okay but remember people might fail you but your passion will never fail you.
Young people and especially engineers are indispensable in the realization of vision 2030 and therefore hard work, diligence and broadening your knowledge beyond your curriculum is very vital.




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