Researchers at University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB) have come up with a new usage for the Wi-Fi signal in devising something different and powerful. The signal with inbuilt robot can be used to see through solid walls and every inch of what is on the other side of the wall.

For the past years, Yasamin Mostofi, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University and her team have been busy realizing this X-ray vision ,enabling robots to see  objects and humans behind thick walls through use of radio frequency signals.

The patented technology allows users to see space on the other side and identify not only the presence of obstruct   objects, in terms of their position and geometry without preceding knowledge of the area. It has the ability to classify the material type of each hidden object such as humans, metal or wood.

With the ability to determine what is in a room, this technology is useful in situations where human access is difficult or risky during rescue mission when a natural or man-made disasters strike. It can be used to locate enemies in a built space, watch over the elderly and provide information for smart building applications to optimize services that depend on level of occupancy such as heating and cooling.

Moreover, it is useful in preliminary body scan and health monitoring through a Wi-Fi enabled handheld device known as a real-life Star Trek tricorder.

In conclusion, the technology is not used in robots alone; it can be implemented on a Wi-Fi enabled gadget or network.

Source:Engineering Technology news

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