A student learning how to operate a laptop(mwakilishi.com)

For pupils to have access to laptops, the must requirement is electricity connection in school.  But controversies rose in May 2014 when the Ministry of Education revoked Oliver Telecommunication commitment of KES 24.6 billion to deliver the laptops.

Another controversy as reported by a local daily is that 6,065 primary schools don’t have access to electricity whereas about 15,157 are connected to the national grid as the government intends to proceed with the project.     

Laptop project was one of Jubilee projects highlighted in their manifesto. It is one of the big projects that will help children live up and fit in this world run by everyday emerging technologies.

Rural Electrification Authority intends to finish up connecting the rest of the public schools.

The project is set to see Standard one pupils in rural and urban areas taught on how to operate a machine through course provision.


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