Samsung has unveiled their new make of smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Alpha, which comes with a metallic frame; a move believed to be a counter to Apple Inc’s next smartphone, iPhone 6.

The Galaxy Alpha phone unlike other models which have always been plastic, is metallic. The Korean firm has previously been criticised for the plastic feel of its handsets at a time when other firms have opted to use materials marketed as having a “premium” feel.

The company recently lost its status as China’s bestselling smartphone-maker to Xiaomi, a local rival who also feature a metal-framed build.

The new handset has a 4.7in (11.9cm) screen, making it slightly smaller than the Galaxy S5.Its camera has a lower specification of 12 megapixels, but it benefits from being nearly a fifth slimmer, measuring 6.7mm (0.26in) deep, and is also lighter, weighing in at 114g.

Other manufacturers who’ve already shifted to offering part or full-metal bodied phones at the time include HTC, Huawei, Apple and Sony.

However, concerns are there about the Galaxy Alpha phone as the back of it is still plastic.




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