Savannah Cement develops a special product to support ongoing roads infrastructure development. The new HRB product is cheaper than cement and may afford road contractors up to 30% cost savings

Cement manufacturing firm, Savannah Cement, has announced the successful development of a specially formulated road construction special product to support ongoing roads infrastructure development at the county and national level.

The cement blend product, technically known as a Hydraulic Road Binder (HRB), is used in road construction works to stabilize road surfaces and has been developed in response to a request by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. The development of the new HRB Product is a major milestone for Savannah Cement which becomes the first Sub Sahara Africa Cement manufacturer to manufacture such a specialist product.

As part of the product development process, Savannah Cement has also formally received the Quality Certification for the new product by Kenya Bureau of Standards in conformity with the existing European standards.

Speaking when he received the product certification mark from the Kenya Bureau of Standards Managing Director, Mr. Charles Ongwae, this morning, Savannah Cement, Managing Director, Mr. Ronald Ndegwa, said the new Savannah Cement HRB product which will retail at a lower rate than conventional cement, is expected to contribute up to 30% approximate cost savings on the Kshs 25billion national road construction budget.

Globally, HRB products are used in place of mainstream cement and lime products for soil stabilization on loose road surfaces. [Soil stabilization, is a process that combines soil, cement and water to produce a hard, durable paving material that can be used for the foundation or base of road and airport pavements, parking and storage areas.]

“This certification has been done to meet the European Standards as we work on getting a Kenyan Standard. This mark will go a long way in helping Savannah Market HRB in Kenya and other regions as well, thus helping us to fulfill our key objective as KeBS of facilitating trade within and out of the country”. Said Mr. Ongwae.

Ahead of the product release to the market, Ndegwa, disclosed that the Savannah HRB product is now undergoing intensive application and related tests using local road building materials.

The ongoing testing process, by the Chief Materials Engineer, at the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Ndegwa explained is part of a rapid response project by Savannah Cement; following a recent request by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure to local cement manufacturing firms. The request earlier placed by the ministry through the Kenya Rural Roads Authority, had tasked local manufacturers to consider developing a cost effective cement for soil stabilization.

“The Savannah Cement, product development team has made a major breakthrough on this project geared at drastically reducing infrastructure development costs,” Ndegwa said.

“In conjunction with the respective roads development agencies including KENHA, KERRA and KURA, we are now getting into the application testing stage having concluded on the quality certification process by the Kenya Bureau of Standards,” he added.

The development of the Savannah HRB product is part of a commitment by the firm which is Kenya’s latest cement manufacturing firm to provide a range of diversified products to spur public and private sector construction needs.

Savannah Cement recently expressed a commitment to produce market driven products in a collaborative partnership with local building and construction professionals’.

The commitment which is in line with global trends will soon see the firm producing various specialist products to meet the market demands for Building & Construction engineers, architects and quantity surveyors undertaking specific projects.

“At Savannah Cement, we are committed to partnering with all players in the building sector to provide solutions in the construction industry,” Ndegwa assured. Adding that “in this process, we are willing to involve you in our product development processes; to ensure we deliver market driven products.”

To grow its local and regional market share Savannah Cement has already lined up development projects valued at more than US$300Million which include an investment plan to establish a clinker manufacturing facility and commission the second grinding plant at its production complex, near Kitengela township.
Already, Savannah Cement has invested more than US$100million to develop one of the most advanced and Eco-friendly cement manufacturing plants in sub-Sahara Africa with a 1.5million tons annual production capacity.

The Savannah Cement boss explained that the firm’s manufactured cement types (Savannah 32.5R and Savannah 42.5R) are uniquely formulated to meet all building needs. Carrying the ‘R’ quality classification, Savannah Cement products are specially formulated to provide rapid strength development which ensures improved customer profitability through enhanced productivity and construction efficiency.

Savannah Cement, products also provide enhanced strength at all ages assuring superior concrete performance as well as unmatched durability with great aesthetics.

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