Jason Budinoff, a NASA engineer is set to complete the first imaging telescope by end of September. It will be one of a kind to be assembled from 3-D manufactured components.

“This is the first attempt to build a whole instrument with a 3D printing that has received funds from Goddard’s International Research and Development (IRAD) program,” says a statement from Engineering news.

He adds that the telescope will have a 2 inch camera with an outer tube, baffles and optical mounts that are printed as a single structure. Also, the instrument will have a sized CubeSat, a tiny satellite comprised of individual units each of about four inches on a side.

The equipment will have fabricated conventional mirrors and glass lenses and will undergo vibration and thermal vacuum testing next year. Budinoff is also putting together a 14 inch dual channel telescope typical to a space telescope.

Finally, Budinoff adds that NASA scientists will greatly benefit especially those who are interested in building infrared –sensing instruments.

Source:Engineering Technology news

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