Inventors in Tel Aviv, Israel have initiated a more advanced Vocca smart light bulb adapter that converts any simple light bulb into a voice activated one. With the launch for the Vocca adapter set for December 2014, the plug and play device operates 6 times faster and is time saving.


The standard model allows users to just fix any bulb into the Vocca adapter, connect the adapter into any light socket and say the magic words ‘Go Vocca lights’ and there is light. Users will not require Wi-Fi connectivity, hub or any configuration for installation purposes as the switch and voice command can still work.

It is based on voice recognition technology from Sensory Inc., the world’s leading voice recognition Technology Company, and uses TobyRich Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) application (app) design.

The invention also comes with a customizable ‘Pro’ version of the adapter which allows individuals to come up with their own magical words or versions to turn their light on and off. Also by use of a smartphone which has an installed application, one can easily set the gadget to automatically switch on or off at a certain time.

The Vocca bulb adapter goes for $39 (£23) and shipping charges of $12 outside United States.

Finally, the company is undertaking a campaign dubbed ‘back Vocca’ to raise funds for mass production of more adapters to meet market demands all over the world.

Source: Daily mail




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