The African Development Bank (AfDB) announced that that it will fund the construction of a road linking Kenya to Tanzania at a cost of 112 million US dollars.
African Development Bank Principal Transport Engineer,Zerfu Mammo told journalists in Nairobi that the Mutate-Taveta-Arusha Road will help accelerate trade between the two neighbors.

“AfDB will provide funding to the tune of 112 million U.S. dollars for the 98 kilometer portion on the Kenya side,” Mammo said. The Kenya government will provide approximately 12 million dollars for the dual carriage road.

The pan-African bank will also fund the construction on the Tanzanian side. Mammo said that the construction is scheduled to begin mid next year and will take three years to complete. “We will conduct a baseline survey in order to monitor the economic of the road,” he said. According to the bank, the cost of inland transport is expensive in Africa when compared to other continents. “We are committed to fund projects that will promote regional integration of the continent,” he said.

AfDB will also be involved in the development and construction of the Nairobi’s mass rapid transit that aims to reduce congestion in Kenya’s rapidly growing capital city.


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