The Government of Kenya in partnership with the World Bank is set to rehabilitate and upgrade the 338km long Lokichar –Nadapal/Nakodok section. The road which is part of the 600km Eldoret –Nadapal highway, is in part of the 960km long Eldoret-Juba transitional highway. These projects are being sponsored under Eastern Africa Regional Transport, Trade and Development project that the State intends to rebuild to international standards.

The project worth KES478m (USD455m) will be implemented by the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA), which is a component of Eastern Africa Regional Transport, Trade and Development project. The Authority together with other development partners  have categorized the rehabilitation of the highway into  Eldoret(Lesseru)-Kitale- Chepkorniswo-Marich Pass-Lokichar- Loichangamatak- Lodwar- Lokitaung junction-  Kalobeiyei River- Nadapal/Nakodok and Kainuk River Bridge. From Loichangamatak to Kainuk River Bridge, construction will be financed by the Kenyan Government and World Bank under Eastern Africa Regional Transport, Trade and Development Facilitation Project (EARTTDFP).

Construction of the road will involve entities selected through international competitive bidding and will be supervised by consultants selected through international quality and cost based World Bank guidelines. This being a transitional project, it will promote and facilitate regional economic growth between Kenya and South Sudan. It will completely reduce time and operational vehicle maintenance costs related to travelling between northwest part of Kenya and other parts of the country.

KeNHA has formulated elaborate environmental and social safeguards as required by the Government and   Development Partner guidelines and standards that will be adhered to during project implementation. Government also plans to bituminize the Isiolo-Moyale road and to rehabilitate the Mombasa-Malaba highway. With this, Kenya will enjoy a high level of highway connectivity to neighbouring countries that is of good standard.

Further, the ICT Authority is set to construct a high-speed fibre optic cable within the next two years between Kenya and South Sudan to enhance communication and inter-border trade. The two governments are implementing the optic fibre cable system as part of the Eastern Africa Regional Transport, Trade and Development Facilitation Project.

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