Could this concept if actualized be the solution to combating the global energy access problem? The Juice box, developed by the Artefact group, is an open energy system concept that allows people to capture energy from multiple sources, store and transport it to where it is needed, and power devices even in the remotest locations.

According to statistics given by the company: More than one billion people, or 20% of the world’s population, live without electricity. Vast rural areas in Africa and Asia are without power, limiting access to education, health, safety, and social mobility. Simply put, lack of electricity means permanent poverty.

Gavin Kelly, principal and co-founder of Artefact feels it important to try to “give shape and form to one of Bill Gates’ ideas on how to use technology to solve the world’s most severe challenges.” And that’s exactly what he and the team are doing. However, developing the concept is the first step but making it a reality he says would require partnerships; engineering companies to invest and the manufacturers to it a reality.

The Juice box is designed to be flexible in terms of supporting multiple energy sources like solar, car battery, from the electric grid or even kinetic.

“It is our vision for a simple device that gives people, regardless of where they live, safe and reliable access to much-needed electrical power,” says Mr. Kelly in a campaign video.

The Juice box has a detachable LED Light which Artefact says will enable people to work or even study after dark; swappable and stackable batteries with a USB port which can be stacked together for extra energy; source agnostic input panel which safely connects to multiple sources, including raw cables; Multiple Outputs that allows charging of many devices and supports electronics and a display that shows the time remaining , not forgetting an attachable dynamo which harnesses kinetic power and enables manual charging in emergencies.

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