EcoPost is a social enterprise that seeks to address challenges of plastic pollution, urban waste management, unemployment, deforestation and climate change.Having been conceptualized in 2010 as a small cottage industry in Kariobangi, its main objective is to provide sustainable solution to the growing plastic waste peril. It also creates an alternative to timber and creates job opportunities. 

EcoPost utilises 100% recycled plastic waste to produce aesthetic eco-friendly plastic lumber used in landscaping, fencing, and flowerpots. The use of the plastics is by farmers, homeowners, Resorts, Universities, Eco-tourism hotels, and shipping.

Plastic lumber comes in different sizes from 3 to 6 inches cross section (square/round) and 20 ft length. It does not use any chemical treatment.The advantage of plastic lumber is that it does not rot and is resistant to termites. This makes it last longer, it outlasts timber in application. It can easily be cut, drilled and nailed easily just like timber.

It offers long-term cost effectiveness; this is due to reduced maintenance and replacement costs. It has an artistic look, with a regular shape and a smooth and/or timber-like finish. In addition, it can’t be used as firewood.

In conclusion, EcoPost is widely recognized locally and internationally in providing innovative products that give solutions to various socioeconomic and environmental challenges.




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