Following the launch of its Ready Business Index which found that 6 out of ten Kenyan businesses don’t have access to the internet, Safaricom Business has launched a new mobile product that seeks to seal that gap offering high speed connectivity for a flat monthly rate of KSh6,000.

The service, dubbed Easy50 data bundle, offers up to 50GB of data on Safaricom’s network including 4G. It can be accessed via a wireless router or via smartphone as a hotspot, connecting up to 10 devices. 

“We live in a data-driven age, with the Internet now forming the backbone for many business operations. Through this specialized product, we aim to transform how SMEs do business by enabling them to affordably stay online and easily share files or communicate with customers, suppliers and colleagues on the go,” said Rita Okuthe, Director, Safaricom Business.

The Easy50 bundle will allow businesses to enjoy browsing at an affordable fixed monthly fee so that they can control their spending. SMEs will also continue having access to the internet at reduced speeds upon exhaustion of the allocated 50GB at no extra cost for the remainder of the month. Any unused bundles will be rolled over to the next month upon buying another Easy50 bundle.

The service will also come in handy for SMEs who, for one reason or another, are not able to sign up to Fibre connectivity as it will leverage Safaricom’s expansive network which currently covers 80% of the population. 

The Easy50 bundle is one of Safaricom’s Ready Business propositions targeted at SMEs, aimed at empowering entrepreneurs to tackle challenges of the rapidly changing business landscape. 

Through a simple test known as the Ready Business Index which can be accessed via , businesses are able understand whether they are fully taking advantage of technology in their business processes.

Safaricom Business is also rolling out fibre optic network to towns across the country to provide reliable and affordable connectivity to SME’s.

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