After considerably recording a good sale of its first cheapest off road vehicle in Kenya, Mobius Motors, manufacturers of Africa’s rough terrain vehicle plans to unveil the Mobius II vehicle in 2017.  The firm intends to ‘significantly’ increase the number of production than the 50 developed and sold last year.

Mobius set up offices in 2014 to target customers in rural and peri-urban areas where roads are impassable, filled with potholes, or are invariably uneven, sandy/rocky tracks; making transportation difficult and ultimately restricting mobility.

One of the features that this model has is power steering, sealed side windows and lockable doors.  It will also have a high ground clearance and an improved exterior and interior design improving customer experience. The first or original model didn’t have a power steering and internal fixtures.

In terms of cost, Mobius II will be going for KES950, 000(exclusive VAT) for a brand new car. With its simple design and focus on key aspects of performance like suspension, it delivers a high performance to suitably transport heavy loads over long distances on degraded terrain. The heavy duty suspension is configured to be responsive and robust on highly degraded roads.

Further, Mobius II omits many non-essential features while maintaining essential functionality. The company has selected the most cost-effective and proven systems for each aspect of vehicle functionality. Maintenance and repair costs are minimized as systems are physically easy to access in the vehicle.  Through partnerships with service centers, local mechanics become familiar with the systems in the car hence reducing maintenance costs. Spare parts are also readily available in the local market.

It is also relatively cheap to run. Mobius II is a fuel saver vehicle, which is achieved by combining an economical engine with a low vehicle weight.
Mobius Motors is now taking subscriptions to place pre-orders for Mobius II production units. A customer can reserve at a KES50, 000 refundable fee as deposit.

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