What if I told you there is more to a mouse than just clicking selecting and scrolling. What if I told you that you can scan documents with a mouse? Hard to belive? Well, there’s a new make of a mouse called Scanner Mouse that makes this possible.

With a scanner mouse, you can make instant digital copies of many of your documents – artwork, photos, business cards, articles, maps and more all with your mouse. Similar to a regular mouse, the gadget allows you to click, scroll and point, but it has space-saving scanner built in a device smaller than a human’s palm.

To activate the scanner, you have to push the Smart Scan button, slide the mouse over your document in any pattern, and watch the image appearing in high resolution on your screen. It is able to scan images as large as 16.5? x 11.7? (inches) and provides resolution of 320 dpi.

The software of the mouse allows you to edit properties of the scanned image, such as brightness, contrast, orientation, size, and zoom level and also you can erase what you don’t need or dislike. If there is some text on the image, the software offers also an OCR technology that converts scanned text into available for editing in word-processing programs. When you’re ready, you can save the images, send through e-mail, or upload them to the social websites.

With the ongoing technology innovations, it’s hard to tell what expect anymore.

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