Difference between SmartWatch 3 versus SmartWatch 2

Sony has unveiled its third SmartWatch that doesn’t support Google’s Android wearable platform. The new SmartWatch 3 will be unveiled at IFA conference in Berlin in September.


The SmartWatch comes with a totally different interface on the software but with an entirely different look on the surface. Its hardware is independent of the phone.
Its tags along the following features: a water-dust-resistant body, wireless charging capability, inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity which makes it a more independent product. One will also require a smartphone to access other applications on Google play.

SmartWatch 3 will keep the square design and have better resolution than SmartWatch 2.Transflective liquid-crystal-display (LCD) will offer better visibility in direct sunlight while reducing the need of a backlight, thus increasing battery life 4 days longer.

In September last year, Sony unleashed its SmartWatch 2 which was going for USD 180 or 120 pounds in the United Kingdom. SmartWatch 2 is a style watch open for Android developer opportunity. This means that users can develop their own applications and download developed applications for innovative Sony accessories.

In addition, SmartWatch 2 can be customized to fit users’ style and is scratch resistant too.

The price of Sony SmartWatch 3 is not quoted in time this article is complied.

For more information,you can visit,Sony.

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